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I find the war on drugs to be a joke. First off it is not a war as we know war. I find it a way for the government to declare war on any individual they so choose. Do not get me wrong, I don't support the drug lords or what ever you may want to call them, I just do not believe the so called war on drugs is what the government wants you to think that it is. This is a pretty hot issue and it has many sides. I believe that for the war on drugs to work, we need to take the money that I feel to be illegally taken from dealers and anyone the local law enforcement wants to call a dealer, out of the hands of the law enforcement. First off I do not believe that the laws we now use to confiscate money and property are legal by the constitution and bill of rights. If however we are to use them, then the money that is confiscated should be put towards the education of our children. To put the money in the hands of the police who have the power to take it is completely ludicrous.

All that we are accomplishing with the current war is nothing. If the police take out a big time dealer, it only opens the door for a few smaller ones to get bigger. It is a war that has no true purpose or direction except to see what cops can make the biggest bust and get to keep the most money or goods. I think that to make any headway in curbing drug use in our children is to take the money that the police confiscate by illegal means and use it to educate the children. This money should be put in to the school systems that need it the most and have the biggest drug problems in them first. I believe that if the kids have a chance to get a good education and a chance to get ahead, then the drugs will not appear to be such an easy way out. With the current situation in many of our cities and school systems, dealing drugs appears to be the only way to get ahead for a lot of our children. Until we can give them something better to look forward to, then we have no chance with this war on it's current terms.

I would like to finish this by saying that I am not sure that all the drugs that are currently illegal should be. I know this is another topic in itself, and one that should be explored more than it currently is. Yes some of the drugs that are illegal should stay that way to as they have no value but to destroy lives and make people do some really insane things, but not all illegal drugs are the same. That is as far as I will take this right now.

Until later,