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Well someone has a big vault of money and it sure isn't the working man. I truly believe that the average working man pays entirely too much in income tax, sales tax, and every other kind of tax imaginable. The biggest problem I have with this is that I don't have a solution to fix this. I would like to tell you some lies about how easy it would be to correct this situation by just taxing the wealthy more, but I don't think that is the answer. I do however have a few ideas that I think are at least worth consideration. The first thing that I think needs to be done is to lower the lowest tax base. The average working person trying to make a living working at a minimum wage job does not have much of a chance of getting by if they have to support a family. I really do not understand how some one who makes less than $30,000 should be expected to pay %15 of their earnings to the government. What does one get in return but the worst education for their children, no health care and often poor or no housing. I feel that the $4,500 that is paid to the government for tax should be used for health care or education. I am not sure but the tax laws seem to be complicated already, but I think that they need to be done over and take the lower class into consideration with tax breaks. I know you are probably saying how do we make up for what we lose in tax revenue? I think we should start by putting a large tax on all pay raises that Congress votes to give themselves. I know that we cannot just do away with tax on the lower wage bracket, but I feel that it should be lower than it currently is. I would love to say that I have ideas for the upper tax brackets, but since I have never had much money I don't know much about them. That is all I have for now, I will be working on this and trying to get some new ideas soon