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This is a very sensitive area for me as I have some beliefs about the Military that could possibly get me in trouble, but they are my beliefs and I am entitled to them. First off let me begin by saying that the majority of the people in the Military are underpaid. I also believe this is one of the main reasons the Military has had to lower it's standards to get people to enlist. It can be scary to think that we use such high tech weapons, but you do not need a highschool diploma to enlist. I think if we were to make the service a more attractive package in reality instead of in cute commercials, it would not be as hard to enlist skilled people. I also think that if we are going to cut back on any part of the armed forces it should start with the reserves. I know we have had reserve forces forever, and we should still have some. They should be the first hit by any cutbacks though. I respect anyone that may be in the reserves, but I would feel safer if the person defending my freedom does it fulltime. I think that part of why we keep so many reserve forces is to fend off any attempt at rebellion. Well that is about all I have to say about the Military for now. Always remember and never forget-

The Knowledge that you lack, or fear, is a weapon to be used against YOU!!!