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I do not believe that we should be as involved as we are in many of the happenings of the world lately. I feel that in recent actions such as Kosovo and our ongoing thing with Iraq that we have not done well. I am not sure who died and declared us King of the world. I realize that for our own good we need to have an interest in these things, but if we are going to play the game, we need to play to win. I think that since we have not done anything with Iraq other than use them for target practice we should leave them alone for now. If we wanted to do something constructive in that area we need to eliminate the source of the problems. I know we could do this, but for some reason we have chosen not to. I do not think it is fair to the rest of the people of that country to have to endure our target practice when we refuse to go to the source. As for Kosovo, I am not sure we have the right to attack people just because we do not like the way they live. I do not agree with what was happening there. I do however believe that all the countries of the world have a right to live as they choose. Is this not what we are supposedly protecting for ourselves? Our right to live as we choose. When these other countries pose a direct threat to us, then maybe we have the right to protect ourselves. I do not feel however we have the right to impose our way of life on everyone just because we can. It would be nice if we could just fix all the problems in the world. As it is though we can not do away with our own hatred and oppression, so what makes us think we can do away with someone elses.