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I think that any Candidate that does not have education as a top priority should think about why they are running. I feel that our education system in this country is in need of major repair. I think one of the biggest mistakes we ever made in our school systems was to build huge consolidated schools. I have heard a lot of elected officials talk of how we need to lower the student to teacher ratio. I think they are right. I also believe the one of the best places to start is to do away with the largest schools. I realize that may not be easy, but I think it should be done. I do not see how students can be expected to learn in an enviornment such as the ones created by these huge schools. Discipline is also hard to have in such a big school. I also feel that it is needed. I do not believe that teachers should be able to "beat" students, but some form of discipline is needed. In our society today we are quick to point fingers and say parents or teachers are abusing children. I think that we are to soft on children today. When I was young and in school I had a fear of getting in trouble at home or school. It was a healthy fear, but fear none the less. I do not think a lot of children have that fear today. I think that with all of the single parent homes and the giant schools, a lot of kids pretty much just do as they please. If we do not do something about this quickly I do not know that we will be able to. I think a good place to start in the schools would be with a dress code. I do not think that we need uniforms, but some sort of code of dress. I think the attention of the students needs to be on education, not fashion.

I know you probably wonder where the money for any of this may come from. I think that the first place to start is with the monies made in our so called war on drugs. I will explain more of this on that page.